of BLUECAT®-one at a glance

BLUECAT®-one is geared towards the needs of the modern bakery operation. The arrangement of the air slots on the boards available on the market was more or less arbitrary and without an ordered airflow. This resulted in a broad spectrum of negative influencing factors for the dough.

  • Small slits lead to a jet effect with greatly increased air velocity in spots. The air flow rate is very poorly suited with regard to thermal shocking and storage.
  • Slits that are too wide lead to a rapid warming of the dough in the branch store.

Together with one of the leading professors of aerodynamics in Germany and an industrial engineer, BLUECAT has developed a completely new approach.


of BLUECAT®-one

The arrangement of the slits in a BLUECAT®-one has been optimized for the layout of modern branch operations. Each row of dough forms an air duct. The outer rows of the short side provide a pump effect due to its smaller slits. This greatly reduces the uneven cooling effect while increasing the product quality.

BLUECAT®-one now has a novel valve function, which in case of "silent storeage" plays it's strength out.

Templates were yesterday. A novelty is the fermentationdisplay of the BLUECAT®-one located within the micro sturucture of the base plate. Ready to backe doughs are reliable recognized, ensuring the equality and increasing customer satisfaction.

With its stacking capabilities, we have chosen a compatible version that won’t disturb existing logistics. Your company logo is embossed in the material and is therefore not detachable and is visually more attractive than imprints.
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Plastic stacking board: 60 x 40
External dimensions: 589 x 388 mm
Internal dimensions: 564 x 364 x 45mm
Height: 49 mm
Own weight: 1.1 kg
Colour: blue

Approximate information, variations possible.

What makes the bottom of the BLUECAT®-one one board so special? Well, it is not actually a bottom in the
usual sense of the word, it’s more a surface containing thousands of small stamps.

In the same way as a rock star leaps into the audience and lets himself be carried off by his fans,
the dough, so to speak, surfs on the many small stamps.

The reason you would go to this effort becomes clear when you consider what a bread roll board
actually used to be: a wooden board with a cloth, which was always dusted with flour. Technically speaking
we had wood, a cloth and starch, which all together absorbed any moisture. Today, we don’t want wood or
a cloth anymore and we don’t want to dust the surface either.

So what absorbs the moisture? Correct, nothing. For this reason, we ventilate the dough from below
so as to prevent waterlogging. Note: Dough that was stored either too damp or too dry at any time
during its conditioning, will suffer irreversible harm!