Blue force against mold

  • Easy to install
  • Effectively fights mold infestation
  • Increases evaporator service life
  • Compliant with food safety standards: CE and HACCP approved



of the BLUECAT® system at a glance

  • BLUECAT® combines innovative patented system technology with durable technology
  • With the help of the blue LED light, fungi and bacteria in the area of the cooling technology are prevented / degraded
  • Built-in UV LEDs enable testing of the correct effect
  • The BLUECAT® only consumes low levels of energy
  • The BLUECAT® is equipped with a service life indicator


of the BLUECAT® systems

  • Produced with the greatest care
  • Fungal and bacterial infestations in cooling systems are prevented/removed with the help of the blue LED light
  • Service life up to 30,000h
  • Prevents overheating
  • The BLUECAT® only consumes low levels of energy
  • Long-lasting technology


of the BLUECAT® systems

  • BLUECAT® is installed with a distance between 20 and 50cm so that the light shines on the fins of the air inlet side of the evaporator
  • Supplied brackets enable suitable alignment
  • A 24VDC power source is required for use
  • The connection must be carried out by qualified electronic personnel
  • Up to 10 BLUECAT® lamps can be connected in series.

Technical data

General Operating conditions
Port: 24VDC ± 20% Ambient temperature in operation: -10°C to +25°C
Cable: ∅ 5mm, 2-wire rubber cable 2, Relative humidity: 100% (+25°C)
  Length of main cable 2m Light storage temperature: -30°C to +50°C
Service life: 30.000h    
IP code: IP65 BLUECAT® module components
    Tube: PMMA ∅ 20mm
Protection Connection cable: Rubber cable 2x 0,5mm²/length 2m/open ends
Overheating: no Mount
Reverse polarity: yes Service life display
Max. number of lights when looped Cable transmit 0,2m(2x0,5mm²), open ends
Installation: 10 Identification plate



Description of device

Product Length, mm Typ Power consumption Number of LEDs Service life display
        Blue UV
BL070-M-T 700 T 7 W 10 2 yes
BL100-M-T 1.000 T 10 W 15 3 yes
BL160-M-T 1.600 T 17 W 25 5 yes
BL070-M-E 700 End 7 W 10 2 yes
BL100-M-E 1.000 End 10 W 15 3 yes
BL160-M-E 1.600 End 17 W 25 5 yes


All information without guarantee. Changes and deviations possible.

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