Food inspection, hygiene, energy, product quality
These keywords sparked the idea for BLUECAT®.

Our goals are your advantages. We pride ourselves on developing innovative products that made your everyday life easier and improve operating safety.

Almost all cool room operators have big problems with mould in cold rooms or automatic provers. In principle, this mould occurs in any system that runs at temperatures higher than freezing for long periods and is subject to high levels of humidity. Engineer Peter Immerath developed a solution, had it patented and subsequently founded BLUECAT® GmbH.

Hygiene lighting Cleaning agents Corporate consulting

... are currently the 4 pillars on which the company stands. We know how to handle sensitive products and how to achieve and maintain the desired product quality in the long term. In line with the Porsche principle »More future per innovation«, BLUECAT® works day after day on solutions aimed at making the lot of food-processing companies a little better. Let's stay with Porsche, to be precise with Ferry Porsche, and a crucial sentence that inspired the foundation of BLUECAT® GmbH :

At the beginning, I looked round but couldn't find the car I was dreaming of: a small, light sports car that used energy efficiently. So I decided to construct it myself.
- Ferry Porsche

His dream of the perfect sports car is also our motivation. Perfect solutions for your company. See for yourself.

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Peter Immerath

Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Tom Kelp

Bachelor in Business Administration and Operations