from our partner Weber Cooling

  • Specialist for vacuum cooling
  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio
  • Increase in productivity (space, time and energy savings)
  • Easy and fast cooling of oven-hot bakery goods
  • Durability improvement
  • Increase in product quality such as shape & volume


for oven-hot pastry goods

Vacuum cooling is the fastest and most cost-effective cooling system for "oven-hot" rolls, breads and pastries in the bakery sector.

Source: Weber Cooling


of vacuum cooling

The vacuum cooling system is characterized by a compact and efficient design and was developed in accordance with the applicable CE guidelines. Our partner Weber Cooling uses only components from leading manufacturers for the VACUUM systems. With roughly 500 installations worldwide, we can draw on an unparalleled wealth of experience in the use of vacuum cooling with a wide variety of products.

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