Plastic stacking boards

  • open, yet stable floor design
  • for insertion of baking paper, foam foil, cloth or other overlays
  • energy-saving due to optimal air flow
  • easy cleaning
  • fast drying through the slots of the bottom design
  • compatible with the usual boards


Plastic Stacking Boards

  • stable base design with special foot design as stacking aid for baskets, automation and washing lines
  • Energy-saving due to optimum air throughput and high insulation effect
  • compatible with the common floorboards
  • Hygiene color blue
  • Dishwasher safe


Plastic Stacking Boards

All the advantages of the BLUECAT®-one plus:

  • Optimum air throughput
  • uniform proofing of the dough pieces
  • Handling, haptics
  • Stackability
  • easy cleaning

All features

of BLUECAT®-Boards at a glance

The BLUECAT®-one or BLUECAT®-air is designed to meet the needs of modern bakery operations. With the boards on the market, the arrangement of the air slots was more or less arbitrary and without an orderly air flow. The result was a wide range of negative influencing factors for the dough piece.

Small slots lead to a nozzle effect with greatly increased punctual air velocity. The air throughput is very poor for shocking and storage.

Slots that are too wide lead to rapid heating of the dough pieces in the store.

BLUECAT® has developed a completely new approach together with one of the leading professors of aerodynamics in Germany and an industrial designer.


of the BLUECAT®-one

The arrangement of the slots in a BLUECAT®-one is optimized for the occupancy of modern branch operations. Each row of dough forms an air channel. The outer rows of the short side provide a pumping effect through smaller slots, which enormously reduces the uneven cooling effect and increases product uniformity.

The BLUECAT®-one has a novel valve function that shows its strength in "silent storage", e.g. in the store corridor.

Templates were yesterday. A new feature of the BLUECAT®-one is the proofing level indicator in the microstructure of the base plate. Partial proofs that are ready for baking are reliably detected, and uniformity and customer satisfaction are increased.

For stackability, we have chosen a compatible version that will not upset existing logistics. Your company logo is embossed into the material, making it non-removable and more visually attractive than imprints.

Technical data

Plastic stacking board: 60 x 40
External dimensions: 589 x 388 mm
Internal dimensions: 564 x 364 x 45mm
Height: 49 mm
Own weight: 1.1 kg
Colour: blue
Approximate information, variations possible.  


of BLUECAT®-air

If you prefer to work with a cloth, but do not want to do without the positive properties of an energy-efficient plank, you are well advised to use the BLUECAT®-air. The BLUECAT®-air combines the positive features of the BLUECAT®-one stacking board, such as:

  • Optimal air flow for uniform proofing of your dough pieces
  • Handling, haptics & stackability
  • easy cleaning and much more

Simply insert the release agent of your choice (e.g., baking paper, cloth, foam sheeting) into the BLUECAT®-air stacking tray and you're ready to go.

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